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LACA clothes basically contain a number of stone buttons. These buttons are shaped from high temperature volcanic magma stone that have more than 70 trace elements and the ability to vibrate at a rate of 299000 times per second. Woman’s wear contains 15 of these stone buttons and men’swear contains 10. In both cases the stone buttons are situated along the abdomen/bladder meridian, kidneys and lower back. Woman’s wear has additional stone buttons situated in the breast (bra) and ovary areas. The stone vibrations stimulate blood circulation and enhance colon movement which in turn also alleviate constipation, assist liver and kidney functions, alleviate process and help to burn fat cells – which in turn assist in regards to weight loss.

Memory Braces: LACA clothing also have several longitudinal memory braces, made from alloy materials similar to that used by dentists in teeth braces. These braces have an inherent “memory” that will adjust to each individual’s body. Its primary function is adjusting and maintaining correct spine and body posture and the general re-shaping of body posture over time.

Infrared Active Materials: Embedded into the fabric of the clothing are infrared active materials which assist in combating infection and eliminating body odours, The medical use of infrared technology has already been proven and is now commonly used to prevent infection during surgical procedures.

Fibre: All LACA clothing items are made from an extremely durable and flexible coolant fibre filament woven into a fine hexagonal shaped mesh netting. The end result is a very strong, durable and flexible material that is completely breathable, maintains a constant body temperature and is very easy to clean and maintain. The clothes are suitable for use during yoga and exercise and have no known skin irritants.

Quality of Workmanship: Every care is taken to ensure that your LACA garment is of the highest quality in workmanship and materials. Due to its proven success and popularity “competitors” have been trying to imitate our products and you will probably find these products entering your local markets. Please therefore ensure that you only purchase your LACA products from an authorised LACA shop or registered LACA agent.

Why use LACA Garments? LACA products have been clinically tested and considered safe for use, but are NOT recommended for use during pregnancy or by people who have been diagnosed as suffering from cancer. LACA garments assist in improving general health over time and help you towards getting that body shape you desire. To derive the full benefits of LACA garments they should be worn at least 8 – 10 hours every day. Drink plenty of water for best results as toxins require water for effective detoxification.

Here are but some of the reasons why you should consider using LACA garments:

  • Stimulate blood circulation, promoting a healthier body inside and out
  • Assist in ridding the body of unwanted toxins
  • Improve bowel functions and assist in alleviating and eliminating constipation
  • Assist in the effective lipolysis of subcutaneous fat
  • Slim the stomach and abdomen
  • Firm and shape buttocks
  • Improve general body health
  • Promote positive posture and shape
  • All LACA garments are made using only top quality materials and workmanship
  • Since its inception in 2009 the number of LACA users have increased to almost 5 million by 2013 with users estimated to reach more than ten times this volume by 2017 based on expected trends. LACA is here to stay and is on its way to becoming a truly international giant in the health clothing industry.

Care and maintenance Wash at least once after every 2 weeks use. Do not wash with other clothes. Do not machine wash – gently hand-wash using only a mild liquid soap or shower gel pre-dissolved into cold or lukewarm water. Never use hot water or place soap directly onto garment. Do not use a chemical bleach (i.e Jik or similar) as this will discolour and damage your garment. Rinse with potable cold or lukewarm water – do not use fabric softener. Pat dry and hang garment upside down and allow to air dry naturally away from direct sunlight. Do not spin, tumble or blow dry. Keep garment away from direct sunlight. Do not swim with your garments as the chemicals (such as chlorine and salts) contained in swimming pools and marine water may bleach, discolour and damage your garments over time.

Indication of health problems and recommendations Although LACA products have been clinically tested and considered safe for use and will assist in improving your general health over time, some side effects may be evident when first starting to wear your garment. These are usually due to some ALREADY existing medical condition that may vary in magnitude from person to person. They are therefore also a good indicator of your general state of health and may also be used as an indicator to seek medical advice on a condition you may not have been aware of before:

  • Itching may occur in the first few days. This varies from person to person and is normally caused by dry skin or lack of adequate body water. This can be minimised by using a good body lotion and drinking enough water. Itching may also occur due to the burning of fat cells – this is a perfectly normal reaction associated with losing weight.
  • Red skin rash. This may occur in exceptional cases. Even in severe cases this should disappear by itself after 2 weeks. If not this is due to some underlying medical condition that should be referred to your doctor for further examination and treatment.
  • Dizziness or limb weakness may be evident in some people. This is usually due to existing anaemia, high/low blood pressure or high/low blood sugar. Consult your doctor for normal medical treatment of these conditions. Continual wearing of your LACA garment should result in improvement over time.
  • Heart pain, heart cramps or shortage of breath. This is usually due to some existing underlying heart condition. This may be overcome by loosening the garment in the beginning stages of wear and gradually tightening it as time goes by.
  • Body bone pains and weakness, sleepiness after 30 minutes of putting on clothes or in severe cases the person cannot walk. This is an indication of some existing underlying calcium shortage or osteoporosis condition. Consult your doctor for normal medical treatment of these conditions. Continual wearing of your LACA garment should result in improvement over time.
  • Red rush occur around stomach. This is not normal and is an indication of some underlying medical problem. Consult your doctor for normal medical treatment of the liver. Continual wearing of your LACA garment should result in improvement over time.
  • Nausea, vomiting and stomach pains. Usually this is an indication of some existing Gastroptosis problem or stomach disease. Continual wearing of your LACA garment should result in improvement over time
  • Swelling of the feet and legs. This is not common but may occur in some cases and should disappear after one week. If not, this is an indication of some underlying existing medical condition and you should consult your doctor for medical advice.
  • Blood clots in menstrual cycle. This is an indication of some underlying endocrine disorder. It should disappear by itself within 3 months after starting to wear your garment. It is important to wear your LACA pants during sleeping as well. If the problem persists you need to consult your doctor for medical advice.
  • Increased in already existing body pains. This is probably due to an already existing arthritis or joint inflammation condition. It could also be a result of an existing injury or surgery. The continual use of your garment should show a marked improvement of this condition after a week or two. Also remember to drink enough water.
  • Constipation. Your LACA garment is designed to improve this condition and you should see a marked improvement within a week. Remember to drink enough water.
  • Increased Headaches. This is a natural bodily reaction to your body’s detoxification process. It could also be a result of the garment’s re-alignment of your spinal posture. This should improve with the continual wearing of your garment.
  • For more information please consult with your local LACA agent or visit our website: www.laca.cn

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