100% Human hair extensions

Genuine human hair extensions are a fantastic way to get the hair you’ve always wanted without the stress of growing or maintaining it. With just one easy session, we can provide you with your dream set of hair that will not only look beautiful and healthy throughout the year, but will also maintain long-lasting appeal.

Salon Lisa offers genuine quality Human Hair Extensions that are both beautiful and offer easy care, no matter your lifestyle. The unique benefit of Human Hair Extensions is that they can last through heat and weather conditions, while maintaining their attractive appearance. However, many supposed ‘experts’ fail in this regard by offering you extensions that look good but only last for a few weeks at best. In addition to authentic products the technical expertise required for the process is paramount – and this is where we excel as professionals in the industry.

For Genuine Human Hair Extension services that offer genuine long-lasting quality, contact Salon Lisa today or simply click here for a booking.